Burger King – Various Locations

Please give a “royal” welcome to the new burg on the block 🍔 👑

Today, @burgerkinguk launched a vegan version of their chicken royale 🍗

Here’s what I thought:

🍔 The first thing I wrote down was ‘moist’ 😄 The patty is quite succulent, juicy and soft and I didn’t find it dry at all. It’s also got a nice flavour – not identical to chicken but pretty close. Probably one of the closest I’ve tried. It’s softer than chicken but still has some bite. It’s also a good size and the fillet fills up the bun well. I hate it when you’re left with a bite of bread.

🥬 I personally got a good amount of mayo and lettuce in mine but we all know this can be a little different from store to store. The mayo tasted just like I remembered

🍟 I really liked the chips too – I don’t love super salty chips – these were just right for me. Not overly greasy and not too skinny. A good amount of potato in there. Has anyone ever reviewed a chip in this much detail? 😄

💰It costs £4.79 which isn’t the cheapest burger ever but it’s pretty respectable. More importantly, it’s exactly the same price as the non-vegan chicken royale which we love to see

🌱 Unlike the plant based whopper burger, this one is cooked separately from the meat and the mayo is vegan. Happy days!

🌱 I understand if people don’t feel comfortable buying from companies like Burger King but I personally believe it’s important for a number of reasons. I don’t want to get into this again right now though so please feel free to scroll past if it isn’t for you

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