Chickenish – Hackney Wick & Walthamstow

When I posted the below video of Chickenish, it went viral with almost 1.5 million views on TikTok and 700,000 view on Instagram, thousands of retweets on Twitter and shares all across the world. So, it’s fair to say that there’s demand for vegan chicken.

BRAND NEW, delivery-only vegan, gluten free fried chicken brand Chickenish has kitchen hubs in both Hackney Wick and Walthamstow. It launched this week and it’s “clucking” good🍗 Some might even say it’s the “breast”… So more-ish 🤤 ⁣

I tried this in the development stages and gave some feedback. I said that it was very clever and that I loved the coating but that I thought the “chicken” needed a bit more flavour. So, I’m keen to tuck into it again and see what changes they’ve made.

Have any of you tried it yet? 🤔 ⁣

Diversity Statement: Robbie here, owner of The Green Grill and co-founder of Chickenish. I want to take this moment to chat about where we stand in regards to our policy and ethos around intersectionality. We want Chickenish to be space for anyone to come and feel at home. Even though we are a small company, we have always strived to help those at a disadvantage – hiring homeless and ex-convicts in the past, something we are keen to continue as Chickenish grows. I also am fully aware of my privilege that there is an added responsibility to create opportunities similar to what I have had, for those that have been a victim of institutionalised inequality, this also coincides with my own personal journey as I become aware of how I am at an advantage and dig deeper into the history of the world. As we move into a new chapter of this business having officially launched a new brand, no matter how much we grow our core values will always be the same, one that no matter who you are, we are all one and everyone should be treated equally, with equal opportunities. We really want to be a leader for what businesses can be, one not just about profit but about creating a community, spreading awareness and raising the vibration of the world. I really want to welcome any constructive feedback on what Chickenish can be doing better. I have so many fantastic ideas about what the business can achieve in terms of food, community and staff and I really want to hear what you all have to say. Our dms are open and we’ll try and respond within 24 hours. Love Robbie and the Chickenish team.

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