Dom’s Subs – Hackney & Aldgate

The perfect sandwich doesn’t ex— 🥪

I really liked this sandwich. No, not liked – LOVED ♥️ To the point where upon my first bite, I started picturing the rest of our lives together.

Saying “this is the best sandwich I ever had” is a huge call and I’m a little scared to make it because it’s one hell of a commitment and I’ve had a lot of great subs & sandwiches in my life.

But I don’t think I can deny it. It needs to be said. I need to tell the world that THIS IS MY NEW FAVE SANDWICH.

It’s from @impeccablesandwiches aka Dom’s Subs. They only do one vegan option but they do it really bloody well. You ready for the juicy details? Okay. Here we go *deep breath* 😮

🍞 Served on a house baked semolina sub roll with roasted aubergines marinated in chilli, ginger & garlic, salad of green beans, bean sprouts, fresh mint, Thai basil, coriander, salted black beans with a spicy prik tum vinegar dressing, vegan mayo and topped with sticky roasted cashews. I also added crispy shallots.

It’s just great. It’s so creamy, it’s got a little crunch, the bread is beautiful, the ratios are spot on, the aubergine melts in your mouth and it’s just packed with a bunch of different flavours and textures which all work together perfectly. Stunning. Oh but bring a bib because this is one messy beast.

You’ll find this in an unassuming shop front on Hackney Road and if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stop going back 🤤 I believe they’ve also just opened near Aldgate too.

What’s your favourite sub / sandwich in London? Despite being in a new relationship with Dom’s, I’m willing to flirt with other sexy sandwiches in the name of research 🥪

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