Eatwith Supper Clubs – Various Locations

Not going to an @eatwithlondon supper club is a big “missed steak” 🥩 {ad}

…yeah, that’s right I had “steak” and frites last night, along with four other veganised French classics 🇫🇷 If you’ve never considered going to a supper club, you really should – such a fun experience ❤️

I’ve been to a couple of @eatwithlondon’s supper clubs now, so I’m delighted to be working with and telling you about them 🥰

@eatwithlondon basically curate supper clubs run by super talented chefs. They’re picky with who they bring onto the roster so you can expect a high standard of food 👌🏼

A few months ago, you may remember I went to a 12 course Middle Eastern, Pan Asian & Mediterranean fusion supper club by @jonvillar69 and it was epic 😍

Last night’s event was a fully vegan French feast in Notting Hill, hosted by the talented chefs at @metropolitainlondon 👏🏼

Here’s what we ate:
🥗 Niçoise salad w/ “egg” & “tuna”

🥪 Demi croque monsieur w/ “ham”, “cheese” and béchamel sauce

🍝 Tortellini à la truffle – stuffed w/ cream cheese

🥩 Steak frites w/ a “poivre” sauce

🥞 Crêpe Suzette – Sizzling French pancakes w/ orange & Cointreau drizzle

To say the menu was creative and challenging is an understatement. They did an amazing job 👌🏼

There are lots of vegan supper clubs on the @eatwithlondon roster! 🌱 For me, they’re one of the best ways to showcase vegan food as the chefs are so talented & passionate 🙌🏼 It’s also such a nice way to meet people!

These are the vegan-friendly supper clubs they’re running right now:
🌱 Authentic 9 course Nepalese tasting menu in Borough Market
🌱 7 Course Veganuary menu in Soho
🌱 7 Course, veg focused fine dining in East London
🌱 Ethiopian Vegan Supper Club in London food market
🌱 @metropolitainlondon French vegan experience (the one I was at last night) in Notting Hill

So, if it sounds like your kinda thang, head to the EatWith website (link in my bio) and check ‘em out. Course I have a discount for you too! Use TLLVEATWITH10 for 10% off of their Veganuary experiences ☺️

🖤 This is @eatwithlondon’s first time working with a blogger but I’ve sent them reccs

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