Kinda Co – East London

I’m “crackers” about a cheeseboard 😍🧀⁣ {gifted}

Deliveries from small businesses have kept me going over the last couple of weeks when I haven’t been able to leave the house 🏠⁣

@thebigjolleyvegan & I put together a little smorgasbord of food and it was a perfect little nibbles & Netflix night 🥰⁣

Here’s what’s on the board:⁣

🧀 @kindaco nacho cheese dip⁣

🧀 @kindaco farmhouse⁣

🧀 @kindaco aged cheddar⁣

🧀 @kindaco garlic & herb⁣

🧀 @kindaco @marmite cheese⁣

🧀 @kindaco smoked chilli⁣

🧀 @kindaco faux lox & dill creamy spread⁣

🌱 @sabra houmous (Chris’ fave)⁣

🧀 @bonsanvegan almond cream cheese⁣

🧀 @bonsanvegan wild garlic almond cream cheese⁣

🌱 @ritzcrackers ⁣

🍇 Grapes⁣

🥕 Carrots⁣

🥒 Pickles⁣

I love Ellie from @kindaco and I think the vegan cheese empire she’s created is incredible 😍 If you get a chance, please do support her by having a little cheese night! ⁣

Which cheese would you head for first? ♥️🧀🌱

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