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THE MCPLANT HAS ARRIVED… and I’m lovin’ it! 🍔❤️ {ad}

It’s happened… @mcdonaldsuk has finally added a vegan burger to their UK menu and I was extremely lucky to be one of the first to try it! 😍

🍔 The McPlant is packed with a patty co-developed with @beyondmeat, a vegan sesame bun, mustard, ketchup, vegan sauce, fresh onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese 🙌🏼

It tastes… like a McDonald’s burger! “Thanks Captain Obvious”, I hear you say 😄 But you know what I mean – the onions, the pickles, the taste of the patty – it’s just what you want from a Maccies burg. They’ve been working on this for over three years trying to get it just right and I think they’ve done a good job.

They worked with their regular cheese supplier to develop a vegan slice especially for this 🧀 It’s not as gooey as the standard cheese but the taste worked well. My only feedback is that I’m not certain the tomato is needed but that’s kind of personal preference I guess 🍅

They use a vegan version of the chicken sandwich sauce for this and I really enjoyed it. The McDonald’s team also explained to me that they’ve got other big ideas in the pipeline if this works well.

💰They also worked hard to ensure this was no more expensive than a Big Mac so it won’t cost more than £3.49 in any store

🌱 This is a huge step towards making veganism more convenient, more accessible and more widely accepted. Whether it’s a vegan needing an option on the motorway or a meat eater wanting to see what all the fuss is about – I love to see more vegan food on menus across the country.

The team talked me through the meticulous processes they’ve followed to ensure the burger is 100% vegan including the fact that it’s accredited by @the_vegetarian_society and is cooked separately with dedicated utensils.

I know a lot of people who follow me aren’t vegan. I’d urge you to try this next time, tag me in your stories and let me know what you think. I’d like to know if it’s something you’d start ordering over the meat options!

You’ll be able to get your little paws on this when it’s trialled at 250 restaurants from October 13th! 🍔 #McPlant

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