Paris – France

I’m one pastry away from changing my name to e-clare 🥐

@land_and_monkeys in Paris absolutely ✨ banged ✨. Especially the pain au chocolat. Thank you to everyone who recommended this fully vegan patisserie 🌱

Every time I visit this city, it gets more beautiful and interesting and I fall in love with areas I’ve never been to before 😍

I know normally my life revolves around food and I plan my trips out to a T but sometimes that can really take the romance out of travelling and so this time, I wanted to travel like I used to back in the day – not having any plans other than walking around the city and stopping at cute places I saw along the way.

It did mean I wasn’t eating the best vegan food at all times (though I will say it gets better each time with more options available at omni spots) but it was nice to have some freedom and not feel like I had the entire trip planned out and dictated by food 🙂

I can’t wait for the day when most places across the world have good vegan options and we can all travel like this again wherever we are ✈️

However, I know a lot of you were keen for some recommendations so I’m going to share the ones that were sent to me. I haven’t visited any of these (apart from @land_and_monkeys – see previous post) so can’t give them my backing personally but hope this is useful. I’m planning to go back to Paris and do a foodie focused trip soon 👀

🌱 @hoyparis
🌱 @lepotagerdecharlotte
🌱 @land_and_monkeys
🌱 @abattoirvegetal
🌱 @vgpatisserie
🌱 @ajddemain
🌱 @lepotagerdumarais
🌱 @eastsideburgers
🌱 @hankrestaurant
🌱 @boneshakerparis
🌱 @nekoramen_paris
🌱 @soyacantinebio
🌱 @tienhiang
🌱 @lestontonsveg
🌱 @lepetit.veg
🌱 @lasdufallafel
🌱 @mopa_restaurant
🌱 @chezmarianneparis
🌱 @cantinedelotus
🌱 @cloudcakesfr
🌱 @jahjahparis
🌱 @solsemillasuperaliments
🌱 @maisonsukoon
🌱 @veganburgerbar_paris
🌱 @wildandthemoon
🌱 @astair_paris
🌱 @lefaitoutvegan
🌱 @grounded_paris
🌱 @bonnard_marais
🌱 @vegebowl.paris10
🌱 @lembuscadepigalle
🌱 @jayandjoymarket

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