Them: “You can’t eat quiche as a vegan” 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣
Me: “Hold my vegan beer” 🍺 ⁣

Quiche used to be one of my fave foods and I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I could recreate a vegan version but here I bloody am, living my best egg-less life 🥚⁣

The idea for this post came about because my housemate works for @hackneybrewery and every single one of their beers is vegan. Hoorah! 🌱 Our fridge is always filled with beer – very happy days indeed 🍻 ⁣

Coincidentally, our landlord is a cicerone (aka beer sommelier) so I asked him what would pair well with @hackneybrewery’s peach and basil sour 🍑 It was decided that a vegan quiche lorraine would work well so I got “cracking” 🌱⁣

I adapted @thehiddenveggies’ quiche recipe for this but added in @this.uk bacon, and I was very impressed! 👏🏼 It was moist and flavoursome with a flaky, buttery crust 👌🏼There are rumours that Chris said it’s the best quiche he ever had 🏆 (consider this horn tooted) 🙈 ⁣

The beer itself is beautiful enough in its own right but it definitely did work really well with the quiche so I recommend this pairing when you’re short of ideas for your summer BBQ 🍺⁣

@hackneybrewery is an independent brewery (I’ll let you guess the location 😄) with the environment in mind for every stage of their production. They also work with local charities and are just an all round decent bunch of people 🥰⁣

You can buy their beers online and they’re also stocked in pubs / restaurants / shops around London so keep an eye out for their funky packaging. You might’ve seen or tasted their Kapow around before 👀 ⁣

Let me know if any of you have tried their beer before! 🍻

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