Royal China Club – Various Locations

Food so good, you’ll want to “hog” all of it 🐷 {ad – press sample}

If you haven’t heard of yet, add them to the top of your “to try” list because MY GOD, this is a “crackling” (sorry) meat sub. For me, it’s up there with @beyondmeat 🏆 It’s going to revolutionise a lot of plant based dining, I think.

All too often, I see people saying how realistic meat subs are and I don’t always agree but *this* product is incredible 👏🏼

I’ve had it a few times now but this delivery from @royalchinaclub was by far the best 🙌🏼

Here are the dishes I tried:
🌱 Steamed BBQ OmniPork Bun (Char Siu Bao)
🥟 Poached Chilli Dumplings with OmniPork
🌱 Braised Tofu stuffed with OmniPork

🏆 Honestly? I couldn’t choose a favourite. I loved them all!
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Hell yes

AND JUST LOOK at how many other options they have! I mean, wow. I cannot wait to try them all:
🌱 Deep-fried Omnipork siu mai with deep fried chilli & garlic
🌱 Grilled OmniPork with lotus root
🌱 Omnipork luncheon & jicama spring roll
🌱 Crispy tofu skin roll with with assorted mushrooms & Omnipork luncheon
🌱 Omnipork rice rolls with coriander (Cheung fun)
🌱 Stir fried Omnipork strips with French beans
🌱 Stir fried Omnipork strips with bell peppers
🌱 Deep fried aubergine stuffed with Omnipork in dried chilli & garlic
🌱 Assorted vegetables stuffed with Omnipork in black bean sauce
🌱 Grilled Omnipork with with lotus root patty in spicy sauce

Which one are you heading for first? 🤔

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