Sugoi – Spitalfields

Taco your little foodie butts down to @oldspitalfieldsmarket because @sugoijpn is there and it’s the taco the town 🌮(Yeah that’s right, with a double taco comes a double pun) 🌮🌮 (Invite)

These bad boys have a crispy seaweed tempura shell (the tempura is egg free and vegan) and are stuffed to the absolute brim with Japanese-Latin fusion fillings 🤤 At this market, there are two vegan options: The Veggie 🌮 and an off-menu item (just ask for the Pico De Gallo Veggie)

The ‘Veggie’ contains lamb lettuce 🥬 carrot 🥕 onion, green apple 🍏 edamame, cabbage 🥬, lime marinated avocado 🥑 sushi Rice 🍚 sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander, cress, radish & sesame dressing 🌮 The Pico de gallo comes with tomato, jalapeños, red onion, lemon, coriander and an avocado sauce 🥑
These tacos are an absolute delight! ♥️ The ingredients are fresh, full of flavour and well balanced. I loved the combination of textures and the seaweed tempura is just divine! 😍

I mentioned to the team that a bit more rice and a little less of the toppings would make the proportions better, more filling and easier to eat, and they’ve said that they’ve taken it on board 🌮 We also noted that they were perhaps a little pricey at £4.80 a taco as you probably need two to fill you and so £3.50/£4 would be a fairer price 💰
I would absolutely go back and devour these again! 😋 It also helps that the team are absolutely lovely ♥️

The lovely team were kind enough to invite me and gave me this food on a complimentary basis. No payment was received and all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.


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