Tao Tao Ju – Chinatown

Vegan-friendly restaurant in Chinatown 🇨🇳 {press meal}

Finding vegan options in this area isn’t always easy so you’ll be pleased to hear that some restaurants are finally starting to introduce better labelling and even entire vegan menus like this one I tried at @taotaojulondon 🥳

Here’s what I ate and thought:

🍄 Battered enoki mushrooms w/ a sweet chilli sauce
🏆 Fave dish

🍜 Vegan Singapore curry sliced noodles w/ onions, beansprouts & broccoli

🌱 Spring rolls w/ shredded cabbage, carrots & beansprouts

🌱 Fried salt & pepper tofu

🥟 Dumplings w/ mushrooms, sweetcorn & Chinese leaf

🥬 Steamed Chinese seasonal greens w/ garlic Greens

💰This is the set menu and you get all of this food for two people for £25pp. You can also order them from individually from the a la carte menu with the prices listed above. You can also swap items in and out on the set menu if there’s another dish you’d prefer. All food is cooked fresh and to order so you can request alterations & changes
💭 I hung out with Anthony, the owner and he’s SO lovely with a real understanding of what vegans want (his gf is vegan) and a passion to offer a decent range of options 👏🏼 His thinking with the menu is that he wants a good balance of veg, protein, fried, fresh etc. He wanted it to be hearty because he gets that vegans want to eat the same way everyone else does and he’s done a cracking job. The dumplings and spring rolls are well stuffed, the noodles are full of flavour, the mushrooms are really juicy and tasty, the greens are fresh and garlicky. The only dish I’d personally swap is the s&p tofu – next time, I’ll probs go for something more flavoursome like mapo tofu

🍨 They don’t offer any vegan desserts

🍽Name: @taotaojulondon
📍Location: Chinatown
🌾Gluten Free Options? Yes but not loads – noodles & greens
🌱100% Vegan Business? No
🍽 Cuisine: Chinese
📦Leftovers: Yes – gave them away on the way home
🌍Sustainability:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣All Deliveroo packaging is recyclable
👨‍🍳 Owners are Chinese
♿️ Wheelchair friendly: No
🐶 Dog friendly: No
🖤 Tao Tao Ju invites a diverse range of creators to try their food

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