Vegan Advegtures: Amsterdam #2

I spent a couple of days in Amsterdam for a wedding and I managed to squeeze in a couple of food spots while I was there – thanks for the reccs 🥰

🍜 Men Impossible

  • So many of you told me this would be the best ramen of my life and you were absolutely right. I loved it. I got the black garlic sauce ramen with seitan katsu and GOD DAMN. So rich, so thick, so creamy. I’m still thinking about it. My boyf said it was the best ramen of his life too. Despite being absolutely stuffed after, I took the chance to try the katsu sando too because I’ve been dying to find one of them since I went vegan. Can confirm that also banged. I spent the last ten mins of my one hour booking begging them to come to London. Time well spent. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

🍣 Vegan Sushi Bar

  • Why oh why don’t we have sushi like this in London? This is what I mean about thinking outside the box. Cucumber and avocado maki just AIN’T IT. This place was epic. We tried the classic salmon roll, the cheesy tuna roll, the no chicken teriyaki roll and the shrimp-less tempura crunch. We also grabbed some sashimi. The sashimi didn’t really do it for me but I loved the rolls. The shrimp-less tempura was my fave. I also donated a chunk of my time to convincing these guys to come to London. I was a woman on a mission this weekend 😂

🥐 Margot Amsterdam

  • We managed to find time to squeeze in some vegan pastries too! Two danishes – one pistachio and the other strawberry. Both tasty but the strawberry took the crown 🍓

This was my third time in Amsterdam. Every time I visit, I fall more in love with this quaint and peaceful yet cool city. The vegan food scene gets better and better!

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