Vegan Advegtures: Ghana

Not Ghana lie, I’m beyond honoured to be an ambassador for Blue Skies! 🍍 ⁣

👀 If you’ve been watching my stories, you’ll know that I’ve been in Ghana for a few days on the trip of a lifetime with Blue Skies UK.

❓“Why?”, I hear you ask. Well, the team invited me, Kate Ovens, Scott Can Eat & Yasmine Camilla  to visit their factory and fruit farms to understand where our fruit comes from and to try their new range of mind-blowingly creamy vegan ice creams made with fresh coconut milk (available in selected Waitrose stores & Ocado) and refreshing ice lollies made with fresh fruit (available at Tesco) 🌱 ⁣

Also, quick note that there’s a promo deal on both at the moment so you can try them at a lower price and see what you think (links in my bio). I recommend the Coconut ice cream and Pineapple & Ginger ice lolly (in the Tropical Trio pack) which both stole my heart 🥥 ⁣

I can almost guarantee that you’ve tried Blue Skies’ fruit at some point although you probably won’t recognise the name. They stock most of the fresh cut fruit in major UK supermarkets but their fruit is the supermarket’s own-label.⁣

I‘ve never really known the full process behind how fruit gets to our supermarket shelves and I’ve been guilty of making assumptions about big companies when I haven’t actually experienced it or learnt about it first hand for myself, so this trip was a real eye opener. Blue Skies are definitely the most ethical, genuine company I’ve ever worked with. ⁣

I had a LOT of questions going into this trip (I’m sure the team were sick of me asking so many 😂) around plastic use, food waste, carbon emissions, the way staff are treated, wages, what the company does to support the local community etc. and I can confirm that these guys go above and beyond in every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 thing 👏🏼 that they do. ⁣

I wasn’t expecting to be this besotted with the brand but they genuinely care about constantly bettering and challenging themselves & putting people first, and that became very clear to me from the moment we arrived.⁣

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post which goes into more detail about the ethics, values & practices. Any questions? Leave them in the comments!


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