Vegan Advegtures: Cannes, France

Cannes you eat vegan in the South of France? 🤔🇫🇷 ⁣

This is my fourth year at @cannes_lionsadvertising festival (my full time job is working at an ad agency) and every year I feel beyond lucky to be here. ⁣

Surrounded by some of the most creative people in the world whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen – It’s almost perfect!⁣

The only issue? The vegan options. Now, don’t get me wrong, chips are one of the major loves of my life but it might be nice if one of my meals wasn’t a big old pile of potatoes 😂 I exaggerate, I exaggerate, there are definitely some options here, you just need to work a little harder to find them.

You’ll obvs be able to find vegan dishes here and there in various restaurants. For example, last night we went to a Chinese restaurant and they had spicy tofu which wasn’t listed as vegan but when I asked they kindly helped me. If you want to ask, you can use the following phrase: Avez-vous des options végétaliennes (please feel free to correct me on this, I’m just telling you what google translate told me 😂)⁣

Here’s a list of places which have been recommended to me or which I know have at least one vegan option:⁣

🌱 @dr.falafels
🌱 @lacasadinonnacannes
🌱 @letroquetasoupes
🌱 @ozasushicannes
🌱 @planetsushi_cannes
🌱 @amorinogelato
🌱 @nynycannes
🌱 @carltoncannes
🌱 @beryterestaurant
🌱 @juicelabparis

If all else fails, grab yourself a penne arrabbiata from almost anywhere in Cannes 😂🍝 Or head to the local supermarket. @monoprix has a great range of vegan food!

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