Vegan Advegtures: Manchester #2

Forty eight hours in Manchester 🐝

If you’ve been following my stories, you’ll have seen that I headed to the city for my @inchscider campaign where I finally met @pengveganmunch & @demicolleen (see the last pic) but while I was there, I decided to check out some of the best food spots around 🤤

I’ve been before so wanted to try some spots I’d never visited. Thanks to everyone for the reccs!

🍔 @wholesomejunkies

I don’t go to many junk food spots anymore so when I do, I want it to be the crème de la crème and BOY did WJ fit the description. I told myself I had to pace myself but I’m sorry, it’s IMPOSSIBLE with a menu this good. I chatted to Chelsea, the owner for ages – what a sweetheart – and left the order in her hands. I got the:

🍔 Chilli beef burger with smashed patty, cheese, onion, crispy shallots, onions, jalapeños, chilli jam & burger sauce

🧀 Mac & cheese (the dish I dropped on my stories 🙃)

🍗 “Chicken” wings made with oyster mushrooms

🍗 “Chicken” bites

🍟 Thai fries
I genuinely loved it all and would order every single item again. Unreal.

🥘 @bundobust

I tried to visit last time I was in Manchester but it was too late at night. Anyway, the food was really tasty. Light yet hearty, lots of flavour. @pengveganmunch and I ordered:
🥔 Vegan vada pav
🌽 Sweetcorn chevdo
🌱 Chole saag
🌱 Mung chatpata
The sweetcorn was my fave but the I also loved the combo of the chatpata and saag together as our waitress recommended to us!

🪷 @lotus.plantbased kitchen

A little journey outside of the city (20 min cab) takes you to this little vegan food haven with food inspired by food from across Asia, mainly Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. The menu is huuuuge and if I’d been with more people, I would’ve tried more food but my poor little stomach could only handle so much. I ordered:
🍤 Har Gow – “prawn” & bamboo shoot dumplings
🌱 Char siu BBQ buns
🍆 Sizzling tofu aubergine hotpot with courgette, carrot, mushroom & soy sauce
I wanted more flavour in the dumplings but the char siu bun and hotpot were delicious! Deffo a great spot to visit!

I’ll add all of this to my Manchester section on my website too ✌🏼

Thanks for the grub, Manchester 👋🏼

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