Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Let’s raise a “toast” to all of the epic breakfasts we’re going to eat in 2021!

Going vegan can be so bloody overwhelming.. I remember being genuinely concerned that I’d be eating toast or oats every single morning. So, I’m stepping in to help! GONE are the days of bland oats – you are about to UP YOUR BREAKFAST GAME.

I’ve put together a list of breakfast ideas so that next time you’re stressing out about what to make for your breakfast, you can visit this page for some delicious breakfast inspiration! On some of the ideas, I’ve also linked to some recipes for you.

Also, please remember, you don’t have to have a traditional breakfast, you can eat whatever you damn well please! Chuck the word “breakfast” in front of anything and it becomes a brekkie item.

Acai Bowls
Refreshing, sweet and easy to make. Here’s a 5 minute mixed berry açai recipe

Asparagus on “Eggy” Toast
You better believe it! Here’s a drool-inducing recipe for you

“Bacon” roll
Simple, effective. There are lots of vegan bacon brands on the market now but I recommend THIS Isn’t. The texture isn’t the same as bacon. but it’s got a pretty smoky flavour to it so it gives you a similar experience

With vegan salmon (my favourites are Odontella and Veganz salmon) and cream cheese (my favourite is the Tesco own brand or Violife)
You can also opt for a sweet version – jam or peanut butter

Banana bread
I highly doubt you’re struggling to find a banana bread recipe after lockdown but here’s the one I use

Breakfast Bread Bowls
Like a little carby bowl of joy. This recipe isn’t vegan but will give you an idea on how they work and how to make one yourself. Enjoy!

Breakfast Burger / Bap
With a vegan sausage patty (Moving Mountains is meant to be great) and cheese (Applewood melts best)

Breakfast Burrito
A burrito… for breakfast. What’s not to love? Take a look at this bad boy from Ela Vegan

Breakfast Hash
Quick, easy, filling. I’m currently drooling over this chickpea & sweet potato number

Breakfast Quesadillas
Cheesy, spicy, hearty goodness. Give this recipe a whirl

Breakfast Pizza
I told you anything could be a morning food if you put the word “breakfast” in front of it. This could be as simple as a tortilla topped with your fave toppings – tomato sauce, sausage, spinach etc. or hell, it could even be leftover pizza from the night before. You make the rules.

Breakfast Sandwich
Perhaps you’re in the mood for something resembling this eggy tofu sarnie? If you’re really looking to level up, toast that sarnie!

Breakfast Skillet
Nice and simple as it’s made in one pan (so less washing up too). This one is loaded with veggies, breakfast sausage and potatoes

Sometimes simple is best, right? Or you’re in a hurry. Either way, juicy garlic tomatoes drizzled with balsamic is just so heavenly

Cake Jars
Like these little carrot cake jars

Caribbean Big Breakfast
My friend Will from Vegan Food and Places ran a takeover on my Instagram story showing him cooking up some Caribbean fritters and you really will want to faceplant when you see it. Check out the story highlights on my Instagram

Whoever said casseroles were for dinner hasn’t tried this one which features vegan egg, cheese and sausage

The staple breakfast here in the UK. One thing you need to know about cereal is that aside from looking out for the obviously non-vegan ingredients like milk, you also need to be wary of Vitamin D3 which is derived from sheep’s wool. You’ll find more info here.

Here are some of your vegan friendly cereal options but these are constantly changing so make sure you check the ingredients list on the back of the pack when you’re buying:
Aldi Moon Choco Pillows
Aldi Moon Multi-Grain Hoops
Asda Choco Curls & Choco Balls
Asda Smart Price Crispy Rice
Cheerios Low Sugar
Co Op Strawberry Crisp
Country Crisp Chunky Nuts / Raisin / Strawberry
Crunchy Nut Granola Fruit & Nut
Crunchy Nut Granola Pistachio & Dark Chocolate
Fruit wheats
Fuel Chunky Chocolate Granola
Fuel Super Berry Granola
Grape Nuts
Just Right
Lizi’s Granola
Kellogg’s unicorn fruit loops
Oatibix Flakes
Shredded wheat
Simply Delicious, Fruity & Nutty Muesli
Tesco cinnamon squares
Tesco free from choco snaps
Weetabix Minis
WK Kellogg Cocoa & Hazelnut Granola

Chia Pudding
There are so many varieties of this pudding so you’ll be able to find a whole host of recipes but I think this chocolate one looked beautiful

“Chicken” and waffles
Sometimes toast just ain’t gonna cut it. For those days, we have vegan chicken and waffles. Most people use seitan or soy to create their vegan chicken. I’m personally a big fan of battered oyster mushrooms! Here’s a mushroom recipe for you

Chickpea Omelette
Is it the same as an omelette? Not really. Is it delicious in its own way? Also-bloody-lutely. Here’s a recipe for you! I’ve not tried it myself but it looks pretty legit.

Chickpea Scramble
I’ve not tried Minimalist Baker’s chickpea scramble recipe but I’ve used his tofu scramble recipe and really enjoyed it so I imagine this is fairly similar. It’s here if you want to take a look

Cinnamon Quinoa
Sounds almost…too healthy? Nonetheless, this looks pretty tasty so I’m including it for those days when you’re feeling a little hipster.

Cinnamon Rolls
Fancy getting involved with these soft and fluffy buns? Course ya bloody do,

Congee (Rice Porridge)
I’ve been wanting to try congee for aaaaages now and this recipe looks so good!

Creamy Mushroom Toast
If you like your breakfasts rich and garlicky, like me, give this one a go!

5 ingredient crepes, perfect for a lazy morning!

Croissant (Sweet or Savoury)
Of course you can try and make these yourselves and if you do that, I applaud you! However, there are lots of places around London offering vegan croissants now including veggie Pret. Their chocolate one is unreal. I also highly recommend a stuffed croissant. I recently had one with a sausage in and it was dreamy.

Dal Breakfast Bowl
I was planning to just show you one dal breakfast recipe but I’m gonna show you this whole page because I would devour every single one of these dishes.

“Eggy” Bread
Try and tell me this recipe from my gal Vegan Brown Ting doesn’t make you drool

English Breakfast
The best thing about a big British fry up is that you can choose what you want to include. Here are some options:
– Scrambled tofu
– Mushrooms
– Vegan sausages
– Garlic spinach
– Toast
– Baked beans
– Tomatoes
– Vegan bacon (I recommend THIS isn’t Bacon)
– Avocado
– Hash browns or fried potatoes

English Breakfast Muffins 
My favourite way to eat these is with vegan ham, tofu and hollandaise sauce or vegan salmon

French Toast
One look at the drizzle on these bad boys and you’ll be drooling all over your kitchen counter.

Fried Eggs
DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREEN. Yes, you read that right. Quite a few people have attempted to recreate this very un-vegan dish. I’ve not tried it myself but this recipe had a pretty high rating so I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that one of you will recreate it and invite me over to share.

Frittata / Quiche
Is a frittata or quiche a breakfast food, I hear you say? Well, I make the rules here and yes, yes it is. Breakfast is whatever the hell you want it to be. But just to convince you, I’ve include a recipe which confirms this is indeed suitable for ‘breakfast’ in the body copy.

Fruit Salad
I’ll do many things to help you enjoy breakfast as a vegan but I won’t provide you with a recipe for a fruit salad.

Fruit and yoghurt
See above

Granola / Granola Bars
Morning people, this is your time to shine. Non-morning people, there are tonnes of pre-made vegan granolas and granola bars available in supermarkets now.

Hash Browns
Loads of recipes online but also you can buy the frozen bags from the supermarket. Simples!

Huevos Rancheros
Scrambled tofu, refried beans and spicy rancheros sauce sound good to you? Give this hearty recipe a go!

Indian Pancake (Oats Chilla)
Jazz up your oats – I cannot wait to make this recipe!

Juices / Smoothies
The possibilities are honestly endless. I’d previously written these off as a lame breakfast option because it’s technically a drink but recently I’ve been appreciating this option as a simple, easy way to get your vitamins and minerals in!

Bread with butter sounds kinda basic but not when you realise that you can have pumpkin chocolate chip loaves for brekkie!

Muffins (Sweet)
Choc chip, blueberry, banana – the most difficult thing about this breakfast is deciding which flavour you want! I won’t include a recipe here as there are *so* many available for free online.

Muffins (Savoury)
I’m a savoury kinda gal so these always appeal to me more than a sweeter option. I’ve not made these sun-dried tomato and pesto muffins but I will be soon. HOW GOOD DO THEY SOUND?!

If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own but lots of the supermarket mueslis are vegan-friendly including Tesco’s fruit muesli and their apple and cinnamon muesli.

Noodle Breakfast Bowl
Why has it taken me so long to have noodles for breakfast? That’s what I wanna know. Cheap Lazy Vegan’s recipe looks epic!

Is it a vegan breakfast list without oats? I don’t think so. Where do you even start with oats, the possibilities really are endless. You also have the option of quick, pre-made instant oats (most brands are vegan) or a homemade extravaganza like this bowl of deliciousness.

Oatmeal Bake
Not gonna lie, I’ve never attempted this but I’m intrigued by it. This blueberry baked dish stood out the most to me. Looks beautiful!

Oatmeal Cookies
If they’ve got oats in, they’re a breakfast item and I won’t hear anything else on this matter. Find a recipe for choc chip heaven here

Overnight Oats
Why have one method for overnight oats when you could have SEVEN? Enjoy.

Pain Au Chocolat
I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Jus Rol sells pain au Chocolat dough which is vegan. You just stick it in the oven and voila, you’re Mary Berry.

Pancakes – Sweet or Savoury
Another category where I could sit for hours listing the different varieties but it’s all about personal preference with this one. I’m personally a bit of a blueberry and bacon with maple syrup fan. Here’s a recipe I made earlier this year

Sounds fancier than it is to be parfectly honest (sorry). It’s basically layers of fruit, yoghurt and granola. If you want some inspo, this one looks pretty tasty!

Potato Rosti
Try this little spinach and potato Rosti number out!

Rhubarb Compote
Try it with yoghurt and almonds!

Sausage Sandwich
Does what it says on the tin

Scrambled ackee
AKA one of my favourite things in the whole world. I would have this for breakfast every day if it wasn’t so damn pricey. Still, well worth a purchase as a treat. Rachel Ama’s recipe is my fave!

Scrambled tofu
Same vibe as scrambled ackee but obviously with a slightly different texture. I love a scrambled tofu, it’s probably my go to breakfast. It’s also really high in protein so a good substitute for eggs. I quite like this recipe for a Southwest tofu scramble but I also add vegan cheese and nutritional yeast as well as a little milk to make it reeeeeal creamy.

Forget the eggs and get some tofu up in there! Try this recipe out for size

Stuffed mushrooms
Eggs, spinach – whatever your heart desires!

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl
This one is for all of the people with a sweet tooth out there! I’ve not made this yet but it does look pretty tasty, I must say.

Not a hard sell, really. Tacos stuffed with breakfast ingredients. SOLD. This recipe looks epic but to be honest, you could wing this however you wanted and I’d put money on it still turning out great.

How long ya got? Here are some popular options:
Almond butter
Avocado, marmite and nutritional yeast (trust me)
Chocolate hazelnut spread
Cinnamon butter and fig toast
Peanut butter
Refried beans and avocado
Vegan honey

Toast dipping sauce for “eggy” soldiers
Give this recipe a go

Tofu omelette
Just when you thought the egg recipes must be over, BAM. Tofu omelette. I’ve actually neither cooked or eaten a tofu omelette but it looks relatively simple. I might give it a go this week. Here’s a recipe which had good ratings on google! Google never lies.

Waffles (sweet)
Similarly to pancakes, you do you! So many options to choose from. I’ve included a gingerbread waffles recipe because that just sounds all kinds of delightful.

Waffles (savoury)
Rachel Ama’s savoury waffles recipe is easily my fave. It’s in her cookbook but she also has some amazing recipes on her website

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