Vegan Lunch Ideas

You’ve made it half way through the day and it’s time to celebrate with a delicious vegan lunch. But what to have?! Well, look no further my friend.

Ranging from quick, easy and cheap to fancy and more labour intensive, here’s an A-Z list of vegan lunches you can refer back to whenever you’re stuck for ideas on what to eat, Obviously I’m not going to be able to list every single lunch option in the world but this should be a good starting point for you.

Let’s be honest, lunch can be whatever you want it to be but I’ve kept this to the slightly lighter meals and will include some of the heartier meals in my ‘Dinner’ list, but you do you. Eat whatever you damn well want!

Ackee & “Saltfish”
Fancy whipping up a vegan version of Jamaica’s national dish? Here’s a recipe for you to try!

Avocado Toast
The absolute vegan cliche but you know what it’s tasty and it’s easy peasy (make sure you add a lemon squeezy). I like to add marmite and nutritional yeast to mine

With smoked “salmon” and cream “cheese”. The best smoked salmons on the market (although also the most expensive) are Odontella and Veganz. Nush is my go-to vegan cream cheese. Someone on my IG story also suggested a bagel pizza topped with tomato puree, oregano, cheese and any other pizza toppings you like!

Banh mi
Such a great lunch option. I’ve not tried this with Squeaky Bean “chicken” but I bet it would work an absolute treat.

Bao Buns / Vegetable Buns
If you’re feeling brave, you could try and make these yourself. Otherwise, Linda McCartney’s ready made ones are pretty tasty too!

Beans on toast

Bento Box
Such a good lunch option – rice, protein and veggies

Keep it light with a veggie based patty or go all out with a meat substitute!

Everyone loves a burrito. Carbs on carbs on delicious carbs. Tasty and normally enough to keep you properly full for a long time (if yours are anywhere near the size of mine).

Caribbean Bowl
Ackee, fritters, plantain, callaloo, beans – all the good stuff!

Cauliflower Wings
You could pair them with a cashew ranch sauce

Cheese & Crackers
With gherkins, olives, hummus, pickled onions etc.

Chickpea Omelette / Pancake
Omelettes are still on the table (literally). Try this recipe out.

Corn Chowder
I’ll be honest, I’ve never made this myself but this recipe looks so good!

Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan – there are so many flavour-packed options to choose from

Dal is such a perfect lunch option, whether it’s masoor dal tadka, yellow daal tadka, dal makhani etc. They’re light but filling and packed with flavour. You could pair yours with some naan or chapati if you’re feeling hungry! Here’s a great recipe to try out.

Delivery Service
There are lots of companies around now like All Plants, Mindful Chef, Gousto and Hello Fresh which provide vegan meal deliveries which you can either refrigerate or freeze at home ready to cook

You can make your own if you’ve got some spare time or pick up some veggie dumplings from the supermarket!

There’s a whole range of vegan enchilada recipes on this site from Mexican chef Dora, including spicy peanut enchiladas and potato enchilada.

Ethiopian Spiced Red Lentils
This one looks particularly delicious

Ethiopian Injera
This sour, almost pancakey bread is an Ethiopian staple which pairs really well with Ethiopian. Try this recipe out for size

You can make these with veggies only or with vegan chicken. I like to add peppers, vegan cheese, guacamole and vegan creme fraiche

Flatbreads (Loaded)
With roasted veggies, vegan cheese, chickpeas, tahini – the choices are endless.

Fried Rice
A quick, simple, delicious lunch. If you’re feeling creative, why not try these pineapple fried rice bowls from Woon Heng?

Black-eyed pea fritters, Sweetcorn fritters, whatever fritters tickle your fancy!

A pesto gnocchi dish is super quick and easy to make

With potatoes and veggies

There are so many vegan sausage options out there now – you can go for a more natural veggie loaded option or a meat substitute like Moving Mountains or Beyond Meat.

Hummus Bowl
With veggies or pitta bread

Jacket Potato / Sweet Potato
Topped with vegan cheese, baked beans, curry, chickpea tuna etc.

Jamaican ackee patties
I’ve never made these before but I’m dying to. They sound incredible! Here’s the recipe I’m planning to use

Jerk Plantain
These look SO GOOD.

Jollof Rice
Easy and flavoursome, this is such a good lunch option. This recipe isn’t vegan but just swap the chicken broth for veggie

Sounds obvious but making more double the amount you need for dinner the night before saves you the hassle of having to worry about what to eat the next day. I would say that 5/7 of my lunches per week are leftovers from previous meals / restaurants.

Loaded Potato Skins
I feel that these don’t get enough air time in society. They’re so great. Check out these amazing vegan ones from Vegan Brown Ting

Meal Deal
Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco – They all offer vegan options now!Mix and Match Bowl
Honestly, this is probably the lunch I have more often than any other. Kind of like the pick ‘n’ mix of the food world, I just chuck a load of ingredients I like in a bowl and go to town on it. Some of my favourites include vine leaves, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, hummus, olives, beetroot, vegan cheese, vegan meat, edamame, tempeh, tofu and whatever else my belly desires!

I did intend for this to refer to savoury muffins but if you want a sweet one for lunch, go for your life! These spinach and tomato ones look fab.

Load. Those. Bad Boys. Up. I recommend Applewood cheese purely for meltability but also smokiness here

Two minute boodles. You can’t go wrong.

Noodle Bowl
Noodles topped with a peanut sesame dressing, tofu and veggies. Quick, simple, delicious. Here’s a great recipe

Noodle Soup
There are so many variations of this you could make but this kimchi noodle soup with dumplings looks pretty epic

Oats / Porridge
Thought this was a breakfast food? Nah. Oats are great at any time of the day!

Japanese stuffed rice balls. I don’t know about you but these are right up my street! Here’s a recipe for you if you fancy a try

The choices are endless! Savoury, sweet, fluffy, thin, loaded, plain, flour-based, banana-based. There are also tonnes of vegan recipes out there

Pasta Salad
So versatile! You can add anything your heart desires to a pasta dish and it’ll probably work (don’t quote me on that). Peppers, tomatoes, onion, spinach, olives etc. Here are 15 vegan pasta salad recipes for you to choose from

Potato Salad
I just wing it when I’m throwing a potato salad together but I usually use either Hellmann’s or Vegenaise, chuck in some red onions, gherkins, vegan bacon, dijon mustard, salt, pepper & paprika. Here’s my recipe and Here’s a more official recipe for you if you prefer!

Simple, quick, delicious.
Pesto pasta – You can make your own pesto quite easily or pick up a jar at the supermarket (just check the ingredients as some contain parmesan)
Lemon and garlic pasta with nutritional yeast and a sprinkling of nuts

Comfort food in a bowl. Check out Woon Heng’s recipe here

The range of vegan pies available now is phenomenal. The best independent brand I know of is Young Vegans but even Pukka Pies has their own vegan range now. It’s also quite easy to make your own. I personally love a good creamy mushroom option.

Pitta Bread & Hummus
Easy peasy

Poke Bowl
This is one of my favourite lunch options because it’s a bit heartier than a salad but you get to add all of your fave items in! I love adding tofu, avocado, seaweed, edamame beans, sesame seeds and cucumber. Give this one from Okonomi Kitchen a whirl.

Cheesy, carby pockets of goodness. I’d recommend using Applewood for these as I think the flavour would work well and they’d melt nicely. Here’s a recipe for you to try,

Quiche / Frittata / Tart
Pair it with some salad and you’ve got yourself a tasty lunch. Try this recipe on for size.

Quinoa Bowl
With veggies and tahini. Here’s a delicious looking recipe

Tomato based stew with tonnes of veggies. Serve with bread or rice for a more hearty meal. Try this recipe.

Rice Bowl
Rice, beans, tahini, kale – This can be a simple of complex as you like

Rice & Tofu
Add some veggies and a simple dressing or sauce and away you go! This one from Woon Heng looks divine

Rice Paper Rolls (aka summer rolls)
These are such an easy summer go-to lunch. There really easy to make and you can stuff them full of your fave veggies and noodles. I like to eat mine with a peanut sauce. Check The Viet Vegan’s recipe for details

Roasted vegetables
Pop them on a tray, add some seasoning, roast them and you’re done! You can also add tofu or tempeh if you so desire.

I mean, how long you got? We could be here all day listing ideas for salads. Here are some ideas for you:
– Chickpea “tuna’ salad
– Caesar salad with THIS Isn’t Chicken
– Falafel salad
– Greek salad with vegan feta
– Veg and quinoa salad
– Lime, corn and bean salad
– White bean and kale soup
– Cobb salad
– Mango and avocado black rice salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette
– Lentil and roasted vegetable salad
– Chickpea quinoa salad with orange soy and sesame dressing
– Cous Cous salad
– Marrinated, fried tofu salad bowl

Sandwiches / Baguettes
The King of lunches, this is such an easy go to lunch whether you’re at home or out and about. Most supermarkets and stores sell vegan pre-made sandwiches now but if you’re stuck for ideas at home, here are some of my faves:
– Bacon
– Chickpea “Tuna”
– Club sandwich using Squeaky Bean slices
– “Ham” & Cheese using Squeaky Bean slices
– Coronation “Chicken” using THIS Isn’t Chicken
– “Chicken” mayo using THIS Isn’t Chicken
– Reuben using Squeaky Bean pastrami
– Fish finger sandwich using Aldi’s fish fingers
– Tofu “egg” salad sandwich
– Pesto chickpea sandwich

Sausage Roll
With ketchup of course

Scones (savoury)
Cheesy vegan scones sound up your street? Give these a go!

Scrambled Ackee / Tofu
On toast, with a side of spinach and tomatoes, such a simple, delicious lunch!

Second Breakfast
Because one isn’t enough

Sloppy Joes
This recipe uses lentils to recreate this popular dish and they look amazing!

There are so many varieties of soup! Here are some popular ones:
– Carrot and coriander
– Cauliflower and lentils
– Chickpea and vegetable
– Miso
– Mushroom
– Parsnip
– Pea and mint
– Pea and potato
– Pumpkin
– Squash lentil and coconut
– Tomato

Stir fry
This is a really simple lunch to throw together. Lots of supermarkets offer ‘stir fry’ deals right now where you can pick up noodles, veggies, a protein and a sauce as part of a deal but it’s also very simple to make at home if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands. Check out this spicy upon stir-fry recipe

Stuffed Peppers / Mushrooms
You can make these Mexican-inspired or Italian-inspired, they’re just a really quick, simple, healthy lunch option

Such an easy dish to make at home. I like to use smoked carrot and avocado (or Odontella “salmon” when I can afford to) or THIS Isn’t Chicken mayo and avocado. Otherwise, there are lots of places offering vegan sushi now – Itsu, Wasabi, Yo Sushi and lots of supermarkets have their own brand now too. What a time to be alive!

Stuffed Plantains with Black Beans
These. Look. Unreal.

This is my worst nightmare personally but this is one for the parsley lovers out there!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Tacos are an all day food. They’re the best. Chuck whatever you want in them, I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like. This page has some traditional vegan taco recipes but a really easy go-to is BBQ jackfruit

An easy one pot lunch with beautiful Moroccan flavours throughout. Try this recipe!

This could be as simple as jam or marmite, or topped toast with avocado, creamy mushrooms, tomatoes, hummus, spaghetti hoops, baked beans – there’s a whole array of options to choose from. Here are a few for you

Melted cheese in bread – doesn’t get much better than that

Tofu Scramble
Pair that bad boy with some veggies and you’re onto a winner

Vegetable Kebabs
Roasted veggies with vegan greek cheese on a skewer. Dreamy.

Either potato or sweet potato, whatever floats your carby boat

Wrap / Pittas
Same vibes as the sandwich section but holds it all together a bit better so you can stuff them more! I quite like:
– Breakfast wrap with scrambled ackee or tofu, vegan sausage, spinach, vegan bacon etc.
– Falafel wrap – It would also be very un-vegan of me to not mention the OG. The original and still one of the best IMO.
“Chicken” caesar wraps using THIS Isn’t Chicken
– Hoisin mushroom wrap
– Pesto salad wrap
– Spicy buffalo chickpea wrap
– Jamaican jerk jackfruit Caribbean black bean mango wraps



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