Best Meat & Fish Substitutes

Worried about swapping out your meat and fish substitutes? Don’t have a cow, man!

The range of vegan meat, chicken and fish products available to us now is unREAL! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the tastes and textures of meat substitute products over the last few years, to the point where some of my meat-loving friends are now choosing the alternatives over the real deal!

This isn’t an extensive list by any means but it includes both mine and my Instagram community’s favourite products to give you an idea of what to pick up when you’re in the supermarket next.

Let me know which ones are your favourites or if there are any you think I need to try:


My faves
🐥 Fry’s Family
Chicken-Style Nuggets⁣⁣

🐥 Marks and Spencer
Plant Kitchen Kiev

Southern fried bites

🐥 This Isn’t
Sea salt & pepper chicken pieces⁣⁣

🐥 Squeaky Bean⁣⁣
Roast chicken slices
Chicken pieces

Chicken pieces

IG Community Faves
🐥 Aldi
Vegan no chicken burgers⁣⁣

🐥 Daring Foods
Chicken pieces

🐥 Fry’s Family
Chicken-style strips⁣⁣
Chicken-style burgers

🐥 Gardein
Chick’n strips

🐥 Heura Foods (Prev. foodsfortomorrow) ⁣⁣
Original chunks

🐥 Iceland
No chick strips⁣⁣

🐥 Oumph
The chunk

🐥 Quorn
Crunchy fillets ⁣⁣
Hot & spicy burgers ⁣⁣

🐥 Like Meat

🐥 Linda McCartney
Pulled chicken
Southern-style chicken⁣⁣
Vegetarian chicken bucket

🐥 Naked Glory ⁣⁣
Roast tenderstrips

🐥 Tesco
Meat-free chicken style pieces

🐥 The Vegetarian Butcher
Nochicken chunks
Nochicken nuggets
Nochicken burgers⁣⁣

🐥 Tofurky⁣⁣
Lightly seasoned plant-based chick’n

🐥 Upton’s Naturals
Chiick seitan

🐥 Vivera ⁣⁣
Chicken pieces
Chicken tenders

🐥 Waitrose and Partners
Crisp-crumbed seitan⁣⁣ slices

Homemade options⁣⁣:
🐥 Oyster mushrooms – my favourite ‘natural’ option, especially for fried chicken
🐥 Seitan
🐥 Tofu


My faves
🐮Beyond Meat
Burger patty

🐮 Iceland
No bull burger patty

🐮Linda McCartney
Beef Roast with red wine & shallot glaze

🐮Meatless Farm
Meat free mince

🐮Moving Mountains⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣
Plant-based burgers

🐮Naked Glory ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Quarter pounders

🐮 Naturli

Plant Power
Tempeh spare ribs

🐮 Sainsburys
Plant pioneers vegan steaks

IG Community faves
No beef burger⁣⁣⁣⁣

🐮Birds Eye
Green cuisine meat free burgers

🐮Co Op
GRO The Incredible burger⁣⁣⁣⁣

🐮Future Farm
Burgers, mince and meatballs

Without meat plant-based⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣burger patty

🐮Lightlife Foods
Plant-based burger

🐮Linda McCartney
Quarter pounder⁣⁣⁣⁣ burger

🐮Marks and Spencer

No beef burger

🐮Meatless Farm
Meat free burgers

Meat free burgers

Vegan burger

Ultimate burger

Plant Pioneers ultimate plant burger
Plant Pioneers meat free mince
Plant Pioneers meat free meatballs

🐮Squeaky Bean
Pastrami slices

🐮Tesco Food
Plant Chef meat free burgers

🐮Tesco Wicked Healthy
Jalapeño griller patties

Plant burger

Chunky soya burgers
Vegan mince

Natural options:⁣⁣
🐮 Lentils – These work well as a mince substitute or in a wellington
🐮Mushrooms – These also work well as a mince / wellington substitute. You could also use them to create a burger patty


My faves
🐷 Beyond Meat

🐷 Gosh
Veggie cocktail sausages with sage

🐷 Gregg’s
Now available in frozen form in Iceland

🐷 Linda McCartney
Sausages – Original
Sausages – Red Onion & Rosemary
Sausage Rolls

🐷 Moving Mountains
Hot dog

🐷 Naked Glory

🐷 Richmond
Meat free sausages

🐷 Sainsbury’s

🐷 Squeaky Bean
Ham slices

🐷 Taifun
Tofu weiners

🐷 THIS Isn’t

IG Community faves
🐷 Heck

🐷 Linda McCartney
Pulled pork burger⁣⁣⁣⁣

🐷 Tofurky
Smoked ham slices

🐷 Vegusto
Smoked ham slices

🐷 Wall’s
Jumo sausage roll

Natural options:⁣⁣
🐷 Coconut or tofu can both be used to crispy bacon substitutes
🐷 Jackfruit can work well as a pulled pork substitute

My faves
🐑 Vivera
Shawarma Kebab

IG Community faves
Lambless strips

Natural options:⁣⁣
🐑 Mushrooms can give a similar texture when cooked in the right way. The best lamb sub I’ve had from was in the platter pictured above and was a mix of mushrooms and soy protein


My faves
Mock duck

🦆Linda McCartney
Shredded hoisin duck

🦆Marks & Spencer
No duck spring rolls (I know lots of other brands do these too but I haven’t tried many yet)

IG Community faves
Mock Duck

🦆Wu Chung
Mock Duck

Natural options:⁣⁣


My faves
Fishless fingers⁣⁣

🐟The Arty Vegan
Smoked carrots

🐟 Fry’s Family
Golden, crispy fish-style fillets
Battered prawn-style pieces⁣⁣

🐟 Gardein
Golden fishless fillet

🐟 Quorn
Fishless fingers⁣⁣

🐟 Odontella
Smoked salmon`

🐟 Veganz
Smoked salmon

🐟 Vivera
Veggie Goujons⁣⁣
Fish fillets

IG Community faves:
Vegan caviar⁣⁣ aka Sjorapport / Seaweed pearls

🐟 Linda McCartney

🐟 Quorn
Breaded fishless fillets⁣⁣

🐟Meatless Farm
Fish fingers
🐟 Squeaky Bean
Fish fingers⁣⁣

🐟 V Bites
Fishless steaks⁣⁣

🐟 Veggie World
Vegan Prauns

🐟 Waitrose
Fishless goujons
Natural options:⁣⁣
🐟 Banana blossom⁣⁣ or tofu both work well for battered / breaded fish
🐟 Carrots for smoked salmon
🐟 Oyster and King oyster mushrooms – Great as scallops or in a fish pie

Also, just want to give an honourable mention to tempeh and tofu which aren’t necessarily direct substitutes for any of the above but are items I use as a protein source in my meals regularly:

🦃I haven’t had many vegan turkey substitutes that I love yet, I never really ate much of it even when I did eat meat but I’m eyeing up Wicked Kitchen’s no turkey crown and Peng Vegan Munch’s jackfruit turkey recipe

Better Nature
Club Cultured
Plant Power

The best tofu I’ve tried is from supermarkets like Longdan
The Arty Vegan’s tofu is also excellent
In terms of supermarket brands, I like Tofoo Co Smoked Tofu and Clearspring Silken tofu the best
You can also pick up organic tofu from Cauldron, Dragonfly, M&S own brand, Clearspot and other brands

Lots of people I know make their own seitan and if you’re feeling really brave, you could give your own soy protein a try too!

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