Lentil Lasagna

More like “layer”sagna – amirite? 😍 {ad}⁣

@braun_global sent me their MultiQuick 9 MQ9087X hand blender (try saying that ten times quickly) and challenged me to create a dish using it ♥️⁣

So, I decided to whip up another dish which you probably thought you’d have to give up when you turned vegan but don’t – ENTER LASAGNA 🤤⁣

If you watch my stories, you’ll know that I turn into a total mess when chopping onions and have had to start wearing Elton John-esque sunglasses to stop myself from crying 😎 So, it brought my tears (of joy) to realise that this bad boy finely chops your veggies for you 😭 I used them to make the base for my homemade marinara sauce 🍅⁣

I also used the food processor accessory to make the tofu-cashew ricotta layer and it worked an absolute treat 😍⁣

Basically, you can use this one little blender to chop, blend, mash, whisk and pulse your way to carby, cheesy heaven 😇⁣

In conclusion, this tool is handy AF and vegan food is far from bland. Thanks for coming to my lasagna themed TED talk.⁣

PS If you want to recreate this, check out @spendpennies for the marinara sauce recipe and @nora_cooks_vegan_ for the vegan lasagna recipe. Enjoy! ☺️⁣

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