Best Egg, Dairy, Honey (and more) Substitutes

Yoghurts and honey and eggs, oh my!

So you’ve got vegan cheese, meat and fish replacements nailed but what about the other products – milk, eggs, honey, butter, yoghurt, mayonnaise, cream, ice cream, condensed milk, custard… It all feels a bit too much to think about. So, here’s a list which means you don’t have to.

Let’s start with dairy (excluding cheese as that’s in a separate list). Of all of the vegan products in supermarkets these days, I would say that vegan dairy products are the closest to the real deal. I think this is because aside from veganism, so many people are lactose-intolerant or have chosen to live dairy-free lifestyles for whichever reason.

There are also a tonne of products available now and it can actually be quite intimidating when you walk into a supermarket these days, so I’m going to list some of the products I know of as well as some information on each.

As I mentioned, I’ve also made a separate list for cheese products as that’s a whole other beast to tackle!

Vegan Milk
When it comes to plant milks, there’s truly something for everyone these days – those who can’t eat soy, those who are allergic to nuts etc. It’s also worth noting that some products work better in different recipes / teas / coffees etc. so I’ve also included some information on the best use for the various options.

My Fave
🥛 Oat Milk
Thick, creamy consistency with a slight sweetness, good source of B vitamins as well as vitamin A, B12 and D (when fortified). Most are also fortified with calcium
Brands; Oatly, Minor Figures, Alpro etc.
Best Use: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate baking recipes, smoothies, creamy soups, pancakes, waffles, mashed potato, casseroles, mac & cheese
More info here

Other Options
🥛 Almond Milk
Nutty flavour, light and creamy texture, packed with vitamin E, and most varieties are fortified with calcium and vitamin D
Brands: Alpro, Beleaf, Califia, Innocent, Almond Breeze, Supermarket own brands, plus many more
Best Use: Cereal, baking recipes, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes
More info here

🥛 Soy Milk
Mild, creamy flavour, typically sweeter than other milks, Thicker than rice or almond milk, good source of protein, calcium (when fortified), vitamins A B12 and D (when fortified) and potassium
Brands; Alpro, Bonsoy, Supermarket own brand, Plenish, Sojade, Provamel etc.
Best Use: Coffee, milkshakes, pancakes, smoothies, mayonnaise, cereal, Oats, Muffins, cereals
More info here

🥛 Rice Milk
Mild taste and naturally sweet with a slightly thinner consistency. Usually fortified with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D
Brands: Alpro, Rice Dream, Provamel, Riso Scotti, The Bridge etc.
Best Use; Cereal, creamy recipes (it’s quite light), baking recipes
More info here

🥛 Cashew Milk
Slightly less nutty than other milks, rich in zinc and selenium
Brands: Alpro, Plenish, Provamel, Ecomil, Pacific Foods, Elmhurst etc.
Best Use: Savoury recipes, soups, ice cream, sauces, coffee
More info here

🥛 Coconut Milk
Rich, creamy consistency with a coconut flavour (obviously). A good source of Vitamin C, Iron and Selenium
Brands; Alpro, Innocent, Vita Coco, Plenish
Best Use; Desserts, curries, vegan ice cream, stews, smoothies, oats
Please note: This coconut milk differs from canned coconut which isn’t intended for drinking but more as a substitute for cream in cooking (see more details further down this page)
More info here

🥛 Hemp Milk
Earthy, nutty flavour with a creamy consistency. Good source of Vitamin A, D, B12, calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus
Brands: Good Hemp, Sojade
Best Use: Baked Goods, savoury recipes, cereal, smoothies, pancakes etc.
More info here

🥛 Hazelnut Milk
Nutty flavour (stronger than almond), low in saturated fat, most are fortified with minerals like calcium. Good source of vitamin E, B1, B2 7 B6 and known to improve cholesterol levels
Brands; Innocent, Alpro, Plenish, supermarket own brands (e.g. Asda), Rebel Kitchen, Eco Mil etc.
Best Use: Coffee, desserts, baking recipes
More info here

🥛 Pea Milk
Consistency is quite similar to cow’s milk, high in fibre, low in saturated fat, high in protein, rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin D & A and iron
Brands: Mighty Pea, Stroud etc.
Best Use: Oats, pancakes, smoothies, curries, creamy sauces
More info here

🥛 Macadamia Nut Milk
Quite thick and smooth and not overly sweet. High in omega 3 and 6, vitamin B16, magnesium, calcium, thiamine, iron, manganese and potassium
Brands: Milkadamia
Best Use: Cereal and coffee
More info here

🥛 Spelt Milk
Creamy texture, nutty flavour, high in Vitamin E, D, calcium and protein (similar to regular milk in nutritional content)
Brands: Sharpham Park, Natumi, Ecomil etc.
Best Use; Baking recipes (especially bread)
More info here

Here’s some more useful info on vegan milks including the health benefits and best uses for different milks


Vegan Butter
🌱Flora – These guys used to be fully vegan but now only offer a few vegan products so please be careful when you’re picking them up from the shelves
🌱Frylight butter spray
🌱A lot of independent vegan brands also offer vegan butter options, especially the vegan cheese brands like I Am Nut OK so please check with them first if you prefer to support independent businesses
🌱When cooking, you can replace butter with your oil of choice (sunflower, olive, vegetable, coconut etc.)
🌱In sandwiches, you can replace butter with hummus, avocado, mushroom pate etc.


Vegan Yoghurts
There are so many vegan yoghurt brands on the market now, we’re spoilt for choice!

My faves
🌱Oatly (they even have a Greek yoghurt!)

Other options (including ones I’ve not tried)
🌱Light & Free
🌱Supermarket own brands e.g. Tesco free from natural yoghurt
🌱The Coconut Collaborative


Vegan Mayonnaise
The day vegan mayonnaise was invented was a great day. More and more products are being introduced to the UK market all the time, and lots of vegan restaurants are creating their own products too which is great to see!

My faves
🌱Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
🌱Rubies in the Rubble
🌱Vurger Co

Other options (including ones I’ve not tried)
🌱Supermarket own brands (e.g. Sainsburys free from and Tesco plant chef)
🌱Dr Will’s
🌱Organic Kitchen
🌱Mr Organic
🌱Inspired Vegan
🌱Geo Organics
🌱Hunter & Gather
🌱Wicked Kitchen
🌱Only Plant Based!


Vegan Cream
What. A. Lifesaver. I love a creamy dish so for me, the introduction of these products has been a lifesaver! I use these regularly for a quick easy curry, pasta dish or as a topping for desserts.

🌱 Oatly creme fraiche
🌱 Oatly single cream
🌱 Alpro single soya cream
🌱 Elmlea single cream
🌱 Elmlea double cream
🌱 Provamel single cream
🌱 Biona whipping cream
🌱 Coconut cream is a great sub for cooking cream. It has higher fat content which means it has a slightly thicker consistency than coconut milk. Great in curries and soups! Brands include: Biona, supermarket own brands, KTC, Blue dragon, Maya Gold etc.
🌱 Canned coconut milk is a great sub for cooking cream and something I always have in my cupboard. Brands include KTC, Blue Dragon, Heera, Pride, supermarket own brands, Dunn’s River, Tropical Sun etc.
🌱 Food Heaven vegan whipped cream


Vegan Ice Cream
Didn’t think vegans ate ice cream? Think again! We’ve got it all these days. Not only do we eat it, but we have a huge range to choose from too:

🍦Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Pints
PB & Cookies, Coconutterly Caramel’d, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies on Cookie Dough etc.

Honeycomb Caramel, Raspberry Ripple, Caramel Pecan, Chocolate Salted Caramel etc.

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Hazelnut Swirl

Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla etc.

Mango, Macchiato, Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, Almond Salted, Vanilla, Coconut

🍦Swedish Glace

Almond & Salted Caramel

🍦Northern Bloc
White Chocolate & Honeycomb, Choc Mint Biscuit, Salted Caramel & Almond, Peanut Chip, Choc & Orange Blossom, Strawberry & Yuzu etc.

Chocolate Brownie, Mango Passion Fruit Oat Cookie, Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie etc.

🍦Halo Top
Birthday Cake, Candy Bar, Chocolate, Chocolate Almond Crunch, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Caramel

Salted Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter


🍦Most ice lollies are also vegan, check the packet just to be sure there isn’t any sneaky milk in there!


Vegan Eggs
I used to eat eggs every morning so I understand peoples reluctance to give these up for fear of not knowing what to replace them with. While I’ll be totally honest in saying that I haven’t found an exact replica, you’ll be pleased to know that there are alternatives which, while not exactly the same, are delicious and offer similar nutritional content too. Once you part with the idea that you’re not going to have eggs but you’re going to have something which is different but delicious in its own right, you won’t miss them as much;

🍳Scrambled tofu
There are thousands of scrambled tofu recipes online. I love to eat mine flavoured with kala namak salt which gives the tofu an eggy flavour,

🍳Scrambled ackee
The national fruit of Jamaica is one of my favourite ingredients in the world. I absolutely love it! There are lots of great recipes online but my favourite is by Rachel Ama and includes peppers, onions, spring onions, garlic, thyme, turmeric, tomatoes, nutritional yeast, chillies, lime, salt and pepper. The only downside is that this stuff is *not* cheap

🍳Fried tofu
Good for breakfast burgers

🍳Chickpea omelette
There are lots of recipes for making these online but I’d also like to mention Nomelette which is a ready made mix you can buy online. I’ve had it a few times and really enjoyed it

🍳Crack’d and Free and Easy
Both egg replacer products designed to replace eggs in recipes e.g. pancakes, Yorkshire puddings, cakes

🍳 Natural replacements for eggs in baking
Apple sauce, aquafaba (Oggs have a ready made aqauafaba product), flax eggs (flaxseed), banana, tofu and tapioca starch

I’m putting this one on the list because I’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival in the UK for years. This is a US brand and is meant to taste JUST (see what they did) like real eggs. You’ll definitely hear me talk about this on my page if it ever does come over here!

🍳I also want to add that I’ve been to restaurants where I’ve eaten a fried or boiled egg replacement (there are also recipes online) but they weren’t super similar to the real deal, more of a gimmick for social media but I think we will start to see more of these creations improving over the next few years


Vegan Sweetners (Honey replacements)
Honey might not be on the cards but don’t worry, there are loads of vegan friendly alternatives to sweeten up your life;

🍯 Vegan Honey
Honea – Plantbased Artisan
Northern Pantry

🍯 Agave Nectar
The Groovy Food Company

🍯 Maple Syrup

🍯 Coconut Nectar
Coconut Merchant

🍯Apple-based alternative
Bee Free Honee

🍯Brown Rice Syrup

🍯Barley Malt Syrup

🍯Dandelion Syrup

🍯Date Paste


Other items you might like to know about:

Vegan condensed milk

Vegan custard
Oatly, Alpro, Just Wholefoods, Bird’s custard powder

Vegan fish sauce
Bit of a random one to include on this list but just something that popped up in my mind as a product which is required quite a lot in cooking! There *is* a vegan sub called Thai Taste which I recommend 🙂


I hope this list helps you out on your next big vegan shopping trip! Any questions? Leave them below or head over to my Instagram page!



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