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Meet this “dee”lightful new burger 🍔⁣

It’s that glorious time of the year where @honestburgers releases a new vegan special 🌱 Last year, it was the bacon plant (still the best vegan burger I’ve ever had) and this year it’s a collab with @dees_table 🙌🏼⁣

Here are the deets:⁣
🍔 The Tribute to Jamaica with a @beyondmeat patty, @this.uk vegan bacon, vegan gouda, apricot & scotch bonnet ketchup, plantain fritters, Jamaican curry ‘mayo’ & lettuce⁣
💰 £15.50 – I still gasp every time I get to the checkout page at @honestburgers but damn it, their vegan burgers are just so good, I can’t resist. It does bother me that the vegan option is so much more expensive than the meat option but I guess vegan cheese, meat and bacon products are still pricier so we need to wait until they drop⁣
💭As with the bacon plant, I love the smokiness of the patty and the bacon together. The BM patty texture is superior for me and it still has more flavour than any other patty I’ve tried. The flavours from the ketchup and mayo were absolutely beautiful but I think they skimped a bit on my burger because I wanted more of them 🤤 I also wouldn’t have minded a little more heat 🔥 The plantain fritters add a nice texture. Overall, banging burger. It’s a really solid addition to the menu and it’s so nice to see Honest teaming up with @dees_table to properly respect Jamaican culture and flavours and uplift a Jamaican chef. Would love to see more restaurants and brands doing this.⁣
🤷🏼‍♀️ Order again? Yes but would ask for extra mayo and ketchup next time⁣

Have you tried it yet? Are you planning to? 🍔

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