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Ah, @beyondmeat, we ‘meat’ again 🍔 (Invite)
Big news: @allbarone is now serving the BM patty in all of its UK restaurants 🇬🇧 This is huge news, meaning that an exciting vegan option is now available to vegans, non-vegans & vegan curious alike 🌱
Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before (😜) but I bloomin’ love the BM patty and props to the restaurant chain for adding this to their menu 👏🏼 but I personally would change a few things.


As always, this feedback comes from a place of love and wanting to make the vegan option as appealing and accessible as possible ♥️ Firstly, the burger and chips combo costs £15 which is frankly unaffordable 😔 It costs more than any of the other meat burgers on the menu and considerably more than @honestburgers 💰 The price needs to be reduced in order for people to want to try it, and I REALLY want people to want to try it 🙏🏻


🍔 The seeded bun: Wasn’t quite right for me. I’m not a fan of dense buns with burgers as they take away from the texture of the patty. This was too thick and also much bigger than the patty which meant a few bites were just bread & sauce
🍔 @beyondmeat patty: Delicious as always but perhaps a tad overcooked
🍔 The BBQ sauce had a nice bit of heat but was too sugary sweet. Something a bit more smokey would’ve been perfect 👌🏼 There was also so much that it overpowered the flavour of the patty, less is more in this case
🧀 The vegan cheese was shredded so I didn’t really notice it was there. I think a slice would work better .
🥬 Like a crunchy lettuce leaf but it was huuuge and would’ve been better shredded
🍅 Tomato didn’t add anything
🍔 The sweet white sauce (was it some kind of mayo?) didn’t do it for me
🥒 Gherkin was a great addition but would work better in slices .
Let me know if any of you try it and what you think! 🍔 📸 @emsharp24
The lovely team were kind enough to invite me and gave me this food on a complimentary basis. No payment was received and all opinions, as always, are honest and my own.


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