A vegan tart with a vegan tart 💁🏼‍♀️

Here’s a collection of photos from the last few days which I spent in Bakewell, Derbyshire (home of the Bakewell tart) for my boyfriend’s birthday 🥳

He’s currently doing @weareveganuary and so we were both a bit nervous about how much choice we’d have but I was pleasantly surprised at how many vegan options there were! We even found a vegan Bakewell tart at @bakewelltartshop 🥰

We ate at:
📍 Raja’s Indian restaurant
🥘 Saag aloo, vegetable jalfrezi, poppadoms, chutneys & rice
🌱 They also told us that any veggie option could be made vegan on request

📍 Castle Inn (@greeneking_official)
🐟 Vegan fish & chips
🌱 They also had lots of other vegan options on their menu including a pie and a burger

📍 @limeloungecafe
🍳 Vegan fry up
🌱 They also had a few other vegan options on their menu including vegan oatcakes with vegan cheese & sundried tomatoes

📍 @therutlandarmshotel
🍝 Roast dinner, linguine and poached pear dessert
🌱 They also had a couple of other vegan options including a @meatlessfarm burger

📍 @bakewelltartshop
🍰 Bakewell tart
🌱 They only had one vegan tart option

There’s also a place called @lovagerestaurant which we wanted to go to but it was closed until mid Jan sadly 😭

It’s so great to see that little cafes and shops, even in more remote parts of the country, are catering to vegans 🌱

Also, if you’ve never been to Bakewell, it’s super cute. It’s a quaint little place with lots of cosy pubs (we ofc found one with a pool table and an open fire 🔥), nice country walks and SO many dogs (of which we befriended many) 🐕😍 It snowed while we were there and we felt like we were in The Holiday 😄

Everyone in the area was really friendly so we had some great chats with locals and we also stayed in a beautiful @airbnb in an old bank which I recommend if you ever go! 🏦

Has anyone here ever been to Bakewell? 🤔

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