Caesar salad

You know what they say, “caesar” the day 🥗⁣⁣
It’s no secret that I’ve not historically been much of a salad gal but recently this has been changing (shout out @palmgreens) so I decided to delve into the world of salads by making the least green one there is 😂⁣⁣
Fun fact: Did you know that the Caesar salad was originally created by accident by an Italian man (called Caesar of course) living in Mexico in the 1920s? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⁣⁣
Now, the original recipe (which they still use in the restaurant it originated in) calls for romaine, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon, parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, egg, and croutons. So, I’m not sure how mine closely resembles the real deal as I had to make some adaptations in order to veganise it. 🌱 I also added some vegan bacon & chicken to make it a bit more substantial 🤤 ⁣So, I should probably just call this a creamy vegan bacon and chicken salad – far more apt title 😄⁣

Anyway, here’s how I made it:⁣
🍴 Recipe⁣⁣
🥗 Salad dressing recipe by @minimalistbaker ⁣feat. hummus, mayo, mustard, lemon zest, lemon juice, capers, garlic, salt, pepper, maple syrup & olive oil⁣
🥬 Fresh, chopped romaine lettuce⁣⁣
🍗 “Chicken” pieces from ⁣⁣
🥓 “Bacon” pieces from⁣⁣
🍞 Croutons – I had no bread so I decided to use up some chickpeas I had in the cupboard. I drained them, dried them, added salt, pepper & garlic granules, then roasted them for 20 mins at 200⁣°⁣
🧀 @iamnutok “parmesan”⁣⁣
🧀 @violife_foods epic mature for extra sharpness⁣⁣
🍋 Squeeze of lemon⁣
Do you think I put enough dressing on there? 🤔😂 What’s your go-to salad?

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