Lime Orange – Victoria

It makes mi-so happy to see this many vegan options on a menu 🌱😍 Like, genuinely, this is such an indication of how far the vegan movement has come.

Korean food is the dream but isn’t always the most vegan friendly. Enter @limeorangerestaurant 👊🏼 The 🌱 options aren’t labelled but the staff are happy to help

Here’s what @jolley_chris & I ate:
🌱Vegetable Mandu (pan-fried dumplings)
💰 £4.90
✏️Lovely flavour, well cooked .
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱Kimchee Jeon – Savoury kimchee pancake topped w/ spring onions, served w/ soy sauce & apple cider vinegar 💰 £6.90
✏️The flavours in this were beaut but a little too oily .
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes (if less oily)

🌱Cucumber & pear kimchee marinated w/ chilli & garlic 💰 £5
✏️ This was so light & refreshing! The chilli was mild but left your mouth warm
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱Miso soup
💰 £1.80
✏️ Delicious! I drank it one go from the bowl (classy broad)
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

🌱Tofu bibimbap w/ marinated veggies, steamed rice & tofu .
💰 £10.20
✏️I love bibimbap but wanted more flavour. We added chilli but it needed more depth. Also, the egg was removed & not replaced so it felt like something was missing. The tofu cooked really well!
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes (if more flavour & another ingredient were added)

🌱 Kimchee – Fermented pickled cabbage made w/ chilli & garlic .
💰 £2.80
✏️I didn’t love this dish but I’m not the biggest kimchi fan
❓ Would I Order It Again? No

🌱Spicy soup with silken tofu & veggies served in a hot pot w/ steamed rice
💰 £10.40
✏️Quite a thin soup, lovely flavours & chunky veg & a nice heat. Would’ve liked more tofu
❓ Would I Order It Again? Yes

Some of the vegan dishes are just the veggie ones with egg removed. It’d be nice if they created specific vegan options to compensate for missing flavours / textures

📍 Location: Victoria
🌾 GF Options: Yes
🌱 100% Vegan? No
🏠 Type of Eatery: Casual, relaxed
💰 Affordability: Affordable .
👩‍🍳 Service: Fast, friendly
🎶 Atmosphere: Busy, good buzz
📸 @jolley_chris & me
📦 Leftovers: Nope!

Side note: It’s one of the most consistently busy restaurants I’ve ever been to so arrive early otherwise you won’t get a seat! Also, be prepared to wait for a little while.

Disclaimer: This was complimentary but views are honest & my own


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